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LED Camping Strong Light

LED Camping Strong Light

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1: MOS-LY01 Has three light sources: the lamp can switch between two colors 3000k/7500k (warm white/cool white), SOS red flashing alert!
2: Brightness adjustment: ( Long press for stepless dimming, light brightness can be adjusted at will).
3: Light source: ( 278 PCS LEDS)!
4: Charging port: Supports Type-c charging port!
5: Output charging speed: Supports 2A fast charging!

Use Scene Features:

1: Waterproof: Deep life waterproof, weatherproof, can be used in rainy days!
2: Working time: the maximum brightness is about 10 hours, and the minimum brightness is about 60 hours!
3: Magnetic attraction: Double magnets can be directly attached to the metal surface!
4: Can be hung: The belt is equipped with a non-slip hook, which can be hung in any position, which is convenient for life!
5: Power display: keep abreast of the current power, indicator design!
6: This outdoor LED portable light is also a power bank to charge your phone or other devices.
7: This outdoor LED portable light repair light, emergency light, work light, make it more convenient for you to use it.
8: It is also an outdoor lighting, camping light, fishing light, hunting light, it can make your outdoor entertainment sports guaranteed lighting, no longer dark.
9: Camping lights, fishing lights, hunting lights, travel lights, tent lights, high-end products that can be used
Portable outdoor LED lamps/emergency charging/long battery life.

You Will Get:

1* Portable Lantern
1* Usb Type Data Cable
1*Black Universal S Buckle
1* Lanyard
1* S Buckle
1* Instruction

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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Jayce Shields

I ordered 3 days and received 7 days delivery. It is larger than I thought, and the brightness is good. It's the best.

Johan Gutmann

High quality and excellent strong lighting .. Delivery took about a week

Estella Eichmann

This is real stuff!! You made luxury goods. Really bright and good. It's a magnet for USB3.0, and it's very recommended around

Lyric Lebsack

1 out of 2 bad, return annoyance.
Connector drop out. The connector is connected to normal operation.
I'm sorry, it's not bad.

Mateo Bashirian

The box has been a little squished, but the packaging is sturdy.
The contents were not damaged. No missing components.
I bought it well, it's full.
Come and use it right away
5-day delivery guarantee, except that it took almost 2 weeks for 13 days
Very good.