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FLEXTAILGEAR Portable Air Pump

FLEXTAILGEAR Portable Air Pump

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Meet the ultimate outdoor pump from FLEXTAILGEAR. In 2015, FLEXTAILGEAR brought the world's first portable air pump-MAX PUMP to life.

With the industry-leading micro motors and the latest turbo-centrifugal technology provided by AIRVORTECH™ technology, we have made another breakthrough in the development of outdoor portable air pumps. And now, we are introducing the MAX PUMP2 PRO - the most powerful & multifunctional 4-in-1 outdoor pump.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Lavada Runte

For its size is very good! The tent is very convenient, compressor, flashlight, power bank. In general, a thing.

Mathew Dietrich

Stopped working after the fourth use. Rocked a small TPU boat. Does not shine, does not pump without moisture and without damage. It is a pity that the seller has no guarantee. While I liked everything worked.

Raymond Smith

The order came less than a month. It's good. But the performance of the pump and the pressure that it creates alas did not impress. I ordered hiking for 2 naturehike 196*120*7 local inflating mattress. I tried it first with a pump-alas I was very disappointed. The pump did not create the necessary pressure in the mattress. I had to pump my mouth before-I made several exhalations for the test. My lungs pump more strongly than the pump. Then created the right pressure with a pillow-pump complete with a mattress. The flextailgear pump does not create pressure at all. I can't even imagine what they can pump up. This pump will not even inflate balloons. Sorry for the money spent. It was necessary immediately before the order to recalculate the Kra in kg \ cm2. Declared 4.5kra-correspond to total-0,045 bar or 0.044 kg \ cm2. A person, according to various sources, is able to create pressure in the chamber from 0,2 to 0,5 ATM or kg \ cm2. I advise everyone to immediately transfer to a pressure that is understandable for you when ordering, so as not to spend your money in vain.

Arianna Krajcik

Very nice!

Josefina Weber

Hello. After the first application and discharge, does not charge, only clicks when turned on. When the charging is connected, it does not respond to the power button. Bad pump.